Minecraft for Free? It’s True!

There is no way that you could take your laptop with you every single place you wanted to go, especially if you have a gaming laptop. The very nature of gaming laptops is that they are not meant to be taken around to every single place where you are going. They are heavy and they have bulky chargers. Unless you do not mind lifting 20 lbs of weight on your back all the time, you will want to keep your laptop at home as much as you can. But what does that mean for your ability to play games like Minecraft on the go?

Sadly, if you do not have your computer in your possession, you cannot play the version of Minecraft that you bought and installed on your computer. But there is a new way for you to enjoy the game just as much as you did at home, without having to pay any money. You can now play minecraft for free through an online site, and you can play on any computer where you can open up a web browser and access the internet. The game is a flash version of the game, which means you can play without having to make any download or installation on the computer.

minecraft for free

If you have ever played those flash games at sites like MiniClip in the past, you will know how all of this is going to work. You will visit the site and wait for the game module to load. It should not take more than a minute. And then you are ready to go. You put in your user name and you will enter into the Minecraft game mode that you want to play. And you can play for as long as you want, because it is the full version of the game, not some demo.